We are delighted to confirm that Chester Nomads Premier League Predictions is back!
We will be running our first game of the 2020/21 season shortly and would like your support to help raise some money for our club and also give yourselves the chance to win a big cash prize to spend once Boris has let us all out in the open again! Previous games the prize has been approx £250!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game or need reminding of the rules, it is all very simple, trust me!
Each week there is a set of premier league fixtures, you will need to select one team to win their fixture, if they win you stay in and move onto the next weeks fixtures. If your team loses or draws then unfortunately you are out, so choose carefully….The catch is that you can only choose each team once, which means you need to be careful in your selection (i.e you cannot choose Man City every week!)

The last person standing at the end of the season will take the cash prize!
The entry fee is a one off £10 per player, once we have confirmation of numbers the prize winnings will be confirmed, of course a proportion of the pot will remain with the club in order to help with our rebuild post lockdown!

If you are keen to enter and give yourself a chance of winning some serious cash then please register you interest by emailing with your full name and confirmation of payment on or before Saturday 13th March 2021
Please transfer your entry fee to the following bank account with the reference:
‘YOUR NAME - PremPredictions26’

Account Name: NOMADS4
Sort Code: 30-91-92
Account No: 36913060

Once we have a list of players an email will be circulated with a reminder of the rules and the first weeks fixtures so you can make your selections.
As I am sure you can imagine this has been a tough period for the club so the more entries we have the better, so please get friends and family involved!

Any questions please send them across by email.
Many thanks & Good Luck!

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