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Chester Nomads Junior Football Club: End of Season Review

As we wrap up another eventful season at Chester Nomads JFC, it's the perfect time to reflect on our journey, the challenges we faced, and the remarkable progress we've made both on and off the field.

Leadership Transformation

Behind the scenes, Chester Nomads has seen a number of changes. We welcomed a new chairman and a revitalised the management committee. This new group has brought fresh perspectives and renewed energy to the club. Their commitment to enhancing our club's infrastructure, governance, and overall environment has already started to bear fruit.


The season started with a newsletter every couple of months & WhatsApp messages forwarded by coaches and ended the season with our own fully branded club app. With our new app we’re the first and currently only club in Chester to be able to deliver news and information to all parents, players and supporters in a single location. We have also created a small group to help push our social media presence to ensure we get the messages of what we as a club are doing to everyone as it happens

Compliance and Safety First

One of our proudest accomplishments this season has been our adherence to the FA regulations. We have excelled in ensuring all our operations meet the highest standards in safeguarding, first aid, and coaching. This commitment to compliance not only guarantees the safety and well-being of our players but also reinforces our dedication to providing a professional and nurturing environment for everyone involved. This however is a ongoing journey so continued focus is needed to ensure that we keep our high standards of compliance

A Season of Weather Woes

The 2023-2024 season will be remembered for its unprecedented weather disruptions. Torrential rains and severe conditions resulted in the cancellation of 70% of our grass games. This posed significant challenges for our teams, who had to adapt to frequent changes and limited playtime. However the flexibility shown from Coaches, Parents and Players has been fantastic

The Return of the Football Festival

Another highlight of the season was the return of our much-loved tournament. After a hiatus, it was fantastic to see teams from various regions competing at Boughton Hall. The tournament was a fantastic success it not only provided players with valuable match experience it also put Chester Nomads back on the map as high quality, first choice tournament. We share our thanks to all that were involved in making the Football Festival a resounding success

Footballing Success Across Leagues

From a footballing perspective, Chester Nomads continues to thrive. Our boys' teams have been competing across multiple leagues, showcasing their talent and hard work. From Local based Chester leagues through to the Junior Premier League, which is the highest standard of football before academy level. As a club we will continue to do what we can to be able to facilitate the growth of all teams.

On the girls' side, our teams have continued to excel in all the leagues they represent. Their dedication and success are a testament to the quality of our coaching and the talent within our ranks. However, we recognise the need to attract more young female players to ensure the sustained growth of our girls' teams. Initiatives to engage with local schools and community groups are under discussion, and we are optimistic about nurturing the next generation of female football stars.


It wouldn’t be a junior section post if we didn’t mention volunteering! We are always looking for more volunteers in all areas of the club, from Social Media to cutting grass, from organising pitches to running fundraisers the list is endless. If you would like to get involved in any capacity then please let us know, if we all gave back more than we took out then the club would be in a much healthier position

Looking Forward

As we look forward to the next season, we carry with us the lessons learned from this challenging yet rewarding year. Chester Nomads Junior Football Club remains committed to fostering a love for football, developing young talent, and creating a safe, supportive community for all our players.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey – our players, coaches, parents, and supporters. Your dedication and passion make Chester Nomads the exceptional club it is. Here's to another season of growth, challenges, and, most importantly, the beautiful game.

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