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U12 Jaguars League & Cup Double

Updated: May 27

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Chester Nomads U12 league champions took on Glenavon Belles Diamonds in an epic cup final held at Bidston Sports Centre 24th May. The two teams had previously traded victories in the league, therefore the squad knew they were in for a challenge before the 7.45pm kick off

The team were upbeat on arrival and after a thorough warm up on a cold, wet Thursday Coaches ran through the formation and gave their instructions. Nomads conceded a player in central midfield opting for a 3-3-1-1 to ensure dynamic centre forward Megan Taylor was supported by Lucy playing the “10”

Chester FC Manager Martin, Players Player of the Year Kim and Supporters Player of the Year and captain Molly Wood part of the parent led Jags supporting team. Chester Nomads would like to thank Chester FC for going out of their way to support the Jags and show stepping stones into League Football

With only 5minutes on the clock, Bailey Renshaw dropped left shoulder, headed right outclassing her opposition midfielder, a step over then created space and left midfielder Edie Bithell gassed in from the left touchline and then dropped back leaving the right back in no woman’s land. Bailey heard the shout played a scrumptious ball to Edie on the half turn and with a touch and left foot finish to the foot of the post the Jags were up by one. Caitlin followed up with a shot from just outside the box, but keeper made a decent save

Glenavon settled into more of a passing game and used left and right flanks well with Terri and Bea providing stern resistance, hitting tackles hard and playing to respective midfielders. Olivia Zarac marshalling centre forward and giving nothing. A longer ball resulted in a Glenavon corner, and ball was whipped in with pace. Ella Young got firm high right hand to it, expelling the ball from the box. Glenavon recycled and the ball ricocheted around the box, before a right foot played the ball beyond Ella’s stretched foot and into the goal….1-1

With pressure mounting Farah Younis, Ede Lewsey and Indie Renshaw replaced Caitlin, Bea and Lucy. Nomads began to find their feet again, gaining control of the centre of the pitch and Glenavon did well to withstand pressure from the pressing Meg and a ball swept to right midfield Farah. And another with Indie’s trickery able to best her opponent striking just wide of the right hand upright!!

Half Time 1-1 and coaches issued positive reinforcement, asking for calm, a touch before playing our expansive game. Olivia Zarac and Bailey Renshaw asked for communication levels to be increased and tactical information to centre midfielders about positive passes first and we were back underway.

Nomads dominated, immediately taking on coaches feedback, a touch a flick and Glenavon keeper had a potential lob to deal with assisted by Ede Lewsey. Corner!! Attacked and recycled to a long-range effort from Olivia narrowly missing the target. Glenavon playing into the wind struggled to clear lines and despite some excellent work from their left back, pressure from Farah and another corner.

Edie B placed and floated the ball over the keeper looking for a touch or a nod that wasn’t found, instead the ball nested inside the left-hand post to the despair of the opposition defence. 2-1 Nomads!!

Glenavon tried to dominate but struggled with a defiant Teresa Accera stopping everything and playing neat triangles to set up another opportunity through Indie. More subs with Caitlin, Bea and Lucy returning to the field with 12minutes to go. Oliva Zarc stepped out of defensive line out left where Teresa Accera was able to beat her midfield nemesis, with too much time and space afforded Teresa Accera drilled one narrowly wide and Glenavon were worried. Another triangle right side from Bailey through centre mid and out left, Teresa Accera jinked past crossing with right foot to the wide-eyed Lucy who drilled one, smashing the cross bar….Glenavon under real pressure and the crossbar needing a repair job at a point later in the week!!

Starting to tire Farah, was replaced for the last 5minutes and coaches asked for calm in defence and whole team effort to see out the game. Glenavon pushed but showing incredible understanding of the game Bailey dropped, covered and repelled last moments of resistance from Glenavon….a slow toot on the whistle the referee drew the game to an end. 2-1 Nomads, a fantastic second half performance

Nomads shook hands, thanked ref and celebrated like it was 1999!!

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