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6th XI Report 29/01/22 v Whitegate


Nomads recent run of good form came to an abrupt halt last weekend when they were comprehensively defeated by a lively young Whitegate team. All hopes of securing a victory ( to add to two recent creditable draws) were carried off to hell in a handcart midway through the second half when Nomads conceded five goals in a twenty minute spell.

In a hard fought first half, Nomads certainly matched their spiritely young opponents in open play, and were rather unlucky to fall behind on the half hour mark, as both teams struggled with the blustery conditions.

Just before half-time midfield hard man Manesh, a disciple of the mantra ‘ get your revenge in first’, seemingly became a victim of his own philosophy when he appeared to have been scythed down in ruthless fashion by a waste high tackle, just inside his own penalty area. It was a sad sight to see Manesh limping off and making his way to the treatment table, primarily concerned about potential damage to his manhood. However he bore his obvious discomfort in brave and stoic manner, without complaint or any fuss. As a graduate of the school of hard knocks, he is a warrior who plays on the edge, and so is always mindful of the old proverb, ‘ he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword’.

HT Nomads 0 Whitegate 1

Following their laudable first half performance, it is sad to report that the roof caved in on Nomads midway through the second half, in somewhat dramatic fashion.

In truth they were undone mainly by the conditions, rather than the quality of the opposition. Playing against the slope, staring into a blinding sun and being engulfed by the swirling winds was not at all conducive to Nomads own special brand of pass and move, one and two touch football. It was so difficult to execute an accurate pass due to the weather conditions. Added to this the loss of Manesh, not just a wrecking ball, but a fine footballer, plus the issue of tiring legs against a much younger opposition. All of these factors conspired together to create a perfect storm for Nomads and they were literally overwhelmed by a six goal deluge.

FT Nomads 0 Whitegate 7


This week’s award goes to Mo Cham. His languid style belies a razor sharp football brain. He has the rare ability to keep possession of the ball in tight, pressurised situations, and

hold up play to allow his teammates the time to get up with the action so that he is able to release his pass just at the point when they arrive into a goal threatening position. Undoubtedly he is a vital component of the Nomads team, and with a little more self belief he could go on to achieve a great deal in the game.

Later, as the players gathered in the clubhouse bar, news filtered through from the medical team that Manesh had suffered a nasty gash in his groin area but his injury was in fact not as bad as initially feared. Most crucially he had not suffered any significant damage to his manhood and his Crown Jewels had remained completely intact. However it was unlikely that he would be in a position to mount the saddle and undertake his beloved bike rides for at least a few weeks.

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