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6thXI Report - 27/11/21 - Xmas comes early to Boughton Hall


An early Xmas present was delivered to Chester Nomads supporters on Saturday in the form of an action packed, often exhilarating Jewsbury Cup tie between the Super 6ths and the highly lauded Vets team.

You simply couldn’t afford to take your eyes off this game for one second as the fortunes of both teams ebbed and flowed throughout. Both teams adopted a gung ho!, ‘devil take the hindmost’ approach, as all caution was thrown to the wind to produce a game which had everything, ie goals galore, end to end action, high quality passing, not to mention impressive ball skills. The entertainment rating was off the scale and the level of drama quite breathtaking at times.

Against a backdrop of a swirling wind the 6ths took an early lead through A. Triallist. Soon after the Vets equalised and then scored again to make it 2-1. The 6ths then equalised on the forty minute mark with the goal of the game. A passing movement involving five players, each taking no more than two touches, started by Dennis Pritchard at right back and culminating with a stunning shot by Joe Davies which curled into the top left hand corner. It brought the house down. An absolute ‘worldy’. The spectators were in raptures. Joy was short lived however as Vets went 3-2 ahead just before half time.

Half time 6ths 2 Vets 3

The second half continued in the same vein, unrelenting, scintillating, end to end football. Vets scored again to make it 4-2. Hibbo then pulled a goal back with a shot from twenty five yards which caught a slight deflection but was hit with such menace and venom it was practically unstoppable. However further goals from the Vets gave them a three goal advantage. It was now 6-3. By now the spectators were totally enthralled ! Back came the fighting 6ths with a fourth goal, at tap in from Neil Gill, following a corner. Minutes later a seventh from the Vets, and then just before the end Marek scored a stunning goal for the 6ths, hitting an absolute screamer into the top left hand corner. It was like a cannon ball being set off, hit so hard you can barely see the ball in flight.

Full time 6ths team 5 Vets 7

Watching Dennis Pritchard playing for the 6ths today was as though you had travelled back thirty years in a time capsule to the same location, to watch young Dennis in his pomp. Marauding forward runs, shimmying one way and then the other, often gliding past opponents and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Amazing performance from Dennis - relative to his age. No wonder they call him snakehips.

At the other end of the age scale young Nathan seems to be improving and growing in confidence with every game. He nearly scored with an audacious shot from the touchline, which thumped against the crossbar. Later he nutmegged club legend Abbo, and as he ran past him the cheeky imp was heard to bellow “ you’ll never catch me, not even in your (bleeping) Maserati.”

Rumours that Abbo was later seen looking for him in the club car park have not yet been substantiated.

On balance the Vets were deserved winners, but the 6ths had proved worthy opponents. 6ths manager Clive seemed to be in philosophical mood after the game. His team had conceded seven goals yet they had participated in one of the most highly charged and entertaining games seen at Boughton Hall for many a year. Maybe not a game for the purists or high brow football technicians but nevertheless it was a game of pure theatre which captured the essence of grass roots football, ie high drama, thrills, spills, fun and enjoyment by participants and spectators alike.

A day that will be long remembered for all those lucky enough to be present.

MOTM (for 6ths)

Step forward Mighty Joe Young (.....sorry Davies!). Some would argue that his goal alone was enough to merit the ward, however he provided much more than that. Combining first rate ball skills with unbelievable courage and tenacity, he was the epitome of a central midfielder. He loves a tackle and will never back down from a physical battle often with opponents twice his size. Top notch performance throughout from lionhearted Joe.

A mention in dispatches for Neil Gill making a welcomed return after long term injury. He was superb in the back line and rarely put a foot wrong throughout.

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